Garden Seeds

As soon as I Heard about Old Fashioned Heirloom Garden Seeds, I was Sold & Bet You Will Be too. Did You Know that Only Pure, Open Pollinated Seeds will Produce Plants that you can Save Seeds from for Next Years Planting? Hybrids, by Contrast, Produce Either Sterile Seeds or Different Offspring.

Most Typical Seed Companies offer Hybrids & Chemically Treated Seeds but very Rarely offer Old Fashioned Heirloom Garden Seeds. When Chemicals are on Your Seeds, the Growing Plant Absorbs them. Not only is this not Good for You, Your Family & Friends, it is Not Good for Your Garden Soil Either.

Considering Also the Fact that Most Typical Seed Companies (a good many owned by the Big Oil Industry, I Might Add) offer very Little More then Hybrid & Chemically Treated, it Might Not be Such a Bad Idea to Consider Trying Heirloom Garden Seeds.

They are Free of Toxic Residues, Demonstrate Excellent Germination, are Purely Natural & Mature Rapidly. Besides That, Our Seeds are Fresh & Carefully Packed With Human Hands the Day the Order is Received. We Love Our Seeds & Have Personally Grown These Garden Vegetables Ourselves for Many Years.

Even More Important than All of the Above though is the Fact that by Using Heirloom Seeds, You will Become a Little More Self-Reliant & Less Dependent on Big Business Seed Companies & in the Process, Start a New Family Tradition of Passing On Your Heirloom Seeds to the Next Generation…What Fun!