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Our Daughter Captured a Snake

KidsGardening.Org – Kids Gardening explores Gardening Resources
for Family, Teachers and Beginner or Experienced Gardeners…

4-H in the USA! – Official 4-H Youth Headquarters

USDA for Kids – Interesting Links to Everything Agricultural for Kids


Harvest Moon Game

Harvest Moon Farm Game – A Great Game in which you must turn the deserted Farm, back into the Successfully running Farm that it once was. Along with this comes Hard Work; Clearing Fields, Growing & Selling Crops, & Raising Animals are just some of the tasks you’ll have to put up with everyday. Not only that, but you’ll have to Meet a Girl, get Married and Start a Family.

Tractor Tire Sandbox

Simple Kid Friendly Recipes – Our Favorites

Below are some of our favorite recipes that we used with our own kids some as long as 30 years ago. These are tried and true, easy to make and you will LOVE them!

Easy Play Dough Recipe

Homemade Bubble Liquid for Giant Sized Bubbles

Kool Aid Substitute Drink Recipe

Easy Popcorn Balls or Faddle

No Bake Fudgy Boil Cookies

Yummy Blueberry Swirl Recipe