Interesting Health Websites

Here We Share Some of the more Interesting Website We’ve Found about Organic Farming, Simple Living, Homeschooling and Learning about Health in General!

Interesting Farm Websites

The New Farm – Web Site Equips Farmers to Profitably Produce and Market Healthy, Honest Food in ways that Improve their Soil, Nurture the Environment, Revitalize Rural Communities and Enhance the Lives of their Customers.

Small Farm Resource – A Nothing Fancy Website…Question & Answer Format May Have Some Good Info You Need.

Alternative Farming Systems Info Center – National Agricultural Library, U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Farm Service Agency – Online – Clearinghouse of Info & Services about Farm Programs, Loans, Conservation, Disaster Assistance, Price Support, Exports, Crops, Employment, News, and Online Forms.

Interesting Health Websites

Hallelujah Acres – The Hallelujah Diet! A biblical diet and lifestyle for eliminating sickness.

Fertility Friend Online – Anyone Trying to Conceive a Child may find this Site Very Helpful. Includes Free Online Charting of Your Cycle.

Dr Day – Dr. Lorraine Day’s Personal, Official Web Site for Natural Therapies for Cancer. Natural, Alternative Therapies for all Diseases.

Essiac Tea – A History of Canadian Nurse, Rene Caisse’s Ancient Ojibway Indian Herbal Formula used primarily for Cancer.

The National Vaccine Information Center Excellent Information on all your Vaccination Options.

KnowThe Cause.Com – Doug Kaufmann’s Fungus Website Includes Excellent Research on Cancer & the Potential for Incorrect Diagnosis.

Interesting Misc Websites

The Old Farmer’s Almanac – Astronomy, Weather, Calendar…

Hollowtop Outdoor Primitive School – Primitive Living Skills, Sustainable Living Skills, Wildflowers & Weeds. Also…lots of Alternative Home Building Links.

Interesting Homeschool Websites

Home School World – “The World’s Most Visited Homeschool Site” The Latest Homeschooling News, Articles, Organizations, Events, Homeschool Mall, and Much, Much More!

Learn in Freedom – The How and Why to Learn…Taking Responsibility For Your Education…Using Your Own Initiative to Get Knowledge…With or Without School

Home School Legal Defense Association – Legal Info for Everything Homeschooling! State by State Legal Requirements, Pending Legislation, and How to Get Started.

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