Pure Sea Salts

We have the Best Sea Salts! From Pink Himalayan Sea Salts to Smokey Flavored Black Hawaiian Salt to Mineral Salts from the Dead Sea, there is something for every Salt Lover Here. Sea Salts can be Used in Baking, Candies and Sprinkled on Food Plus Colored Salts Really do Look Pretty on the Counter in See-through Glass Salt Shakers. Offering Different Colored Salts to Friends & Family when they Share a Meal will Always Bring about Fun Conversations as they Try Each Version of Salt for the 1st Time.

Also, in Case You haven’t Heard…Sea Salts make a Great Addition to Any Cleansing Bath You can Imagine. Using Sea Salt in its Natural Form or Including it in Bath Salt Recipes will Bring Your Soaking Tub to Life making it Alive with Beautiful Fragrances and Oils Creating the Perfect Relaxing Therapy for the Body, Mind and Soul.

The Heath Benefits of Sea Salt are Well Known. Because Sea Salts are Rich in Trace Minerals including Iodine, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Cobalt, and Selenium.

These Minerals can Help with Avoiding Dehydration by Balancing Fluids. They are an Excellent Source of Electrolytes and Help with Digestion, Brain Function, Sore Muscles, and are Valuable to the Nervous System too. Unlike Store Bought Iodized Salt, Sea Salt is a Living Food that will Sweat & Breath as Needed Depending on the Temperature of the Room.

White Sea Salt Mounds

You can Easily Store it in an Open Salt Shaker that has Holes Large Enough for the Salt Granule Size You Choose. We Love Using the Small Cheese Shakers with Our Pink Himalayan Salt.

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Showing all 7 results