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Better Vaccine Bill Coming to WA State!

Washington State Legislators will hopefully soon consider a vote to empower parents to have more say over their vaccine choices when they visit the doctors office.

“Holly’s Law” HB 1019 is named in memory of Holly Maria Stavola who died of a vaccine adverse reaction called encephalopathy after her second dose of the MMR vaccine.  The new law, if enacted would require parents to be told before receiving any vaccine of several key important facts that could help in their decision making.

The law would require the health care professionals to tell any patient or parent that they can request an antibody test, if available to see if they have already acquired a natural immunity or antibodies for any vaccine they are considering or expected to receive.

Parents or Patients also need to be told that WA state does not require proof of vaccination or proof of immunity except for attendance to public school, private school, or licensed day care center and that exemptions for vaccinations are available if needed.

You can read the full version of HB 1019 by clicking here:

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