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Sprouting Seeds & How to Grow Your Own Healthy Sprouts

If Your Not Eating Sprouts, Your Missing Out. Sprouts are a Complete Protein Super Food, Just Like Meat without the Fat & Loaded with Enzymes, Vitamins, & Minerals…the Ultimate Health Food. Sprouting Seeds is Easy & Fun! If You’ve Never Tried it…Here is a Quick Description of How Simple it is.

On the Cheap…& if You Have Time for Regular Rinsing, Seed Sprouting can be Done in a Mayonnaise, Mason, or Similar Sized Jar. For the Cover, Use a Canning Jar Ring & Replace the Top Insert With a Piece of Screen or Use a Small Hand Strainer.

Pour Your Sprouting Seeds into the Jar to the Level of About 2 Seeds Deep & Fill the Jar With Water to Soak Overnight. Now Rinse & Drain Your Seeds 2-3 Times a Day Until Your Harvest on the 6th Day.

Move Your Sprouts to a Window for Sunlight on the Last 2-3 Days. When Ready, Sprouts can be Stored in the Fridge for a Few Days too.

Or if You Want to Grow Sprouts Without the Bother of Rinsing, You Will Love Our EasySprout Sprouter…A Convenient Reusable Container that You can Use Again & Again, Fulfilling You Desire to Eat Healthy Sprouts Without the Worry of Forgetting to Rinse.

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