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Interesting Info About the Stevia Plant

The US FDA Says: Stevioside is Reported to be 250-300 Times Sweeter than Sugar & Contributes NO Calories to the Diet. It has been Reported that Stevia Does Not Raise Blood Sugar Levels Making it Perfect Option for Diabetics, Children, & Anyone Concerned About Weight Gain. If You are Interested in Cavity Prevention, Calorie Intake or Simply Need to Cut Down on Your Sugar or Artificial Sweetener Consumption, Stevia May be the Answer for You.

Stevia is a 100% All Natural Sweetener
Stevia has NO Fat – No Carbohydrates – & No Calories

The Stevia or Rebaudiana Plant is Available in Several Forms & is Really Just a Matter of Personal Preference. Several Simple Recipes Can be Found at the Bottom of this Page Along With Details on How to Make a Stevia Extract Powder Concentrate Yourself. You can Substitute Stevia in Baking, & Just the Tiny, Tiny Tip of a Teaspoon is all You Need to Sweeten Your Tea. It also Tastes Better than Aspartame or Saccharine! We’ve Personally Been Using Stevia for Many  Years & Highly Recommend It.<br><br>Give Stevia a Try & You Won’t be Disappointed…Enjoy!

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