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We Used Bentonite Clay for a Brown Recluse Spider Bite

True Story – We Used Bentonite Clay Powder for a Brown Recluse Bite! Our oldest son was bitten on the leg a few years ago. He came to us complaining that his leg was beginning to hurt so much that it was becoming too painful to walk. He knew that he had been bit by a spider but was unsure about what kind it was.

The bite area was an open hole with core size of at least a good 1/4″ and it was surrounded by a reddish blue circle. We did a couple hours of research online and decided that it must be a brown recluse spider bit.

We were very concerned that it needed to be taken care of right away but also while searching, found many stories about people who had sought Medical Care. In most cases the doctor removed all the surrounding tissue which left larger open wounds that took weeks or months to heal. We were concerned about what kind of permanent scar this might leave.

Brown Recluse Spider BiteThere were many suggestions about what you could do to try to treat it yourself and often, there were comments for and against any remedy being used. At the time, there seemed to be quite a few websites that mentioned Bentonite Clay & Plantain Leaf Extract was also mentioned at least a few times as helpful. Since we already had the bentonite clay powder. We decided to try it.

He wet a folded 3″ square of paper towel with the Plantain Leaf that we were able to get at a local herb store & added half a teaspoon to the center of it to make a paste that was thick but somewhat soupy & placed on the sore. We told our son that if it didn’t feel better tomorrow, that He was going to have to go to the hospital .

The very next day, he told us that it felt much better which gave us great relief. He continued to use the Bentonite Clay Powder, changing the paper towel bandages several times a day for probably about 2 weeks as it was still an open wound. To help keep it moist longer, he covered it with shipping tape which usually meant wrapping it around his leg to keep it in place.

The Good News is that it did heal & he now has a small scar  that is less then the size of a dime. To date, he has had no side effects other or pain since. We believe the Bentonite Clay Powder worked by drawing the brown recluse venom Oout of his leg saving him further damage or surgery.

Please be advised that this is what worked for us but you may have different results. I only write this as an opinion based on our experience & hope you find this helpful in your search for information if you think you have been bitten by a brown recluse spider.

Even though we used the Plantain Leaf Extract in this case, I really believe that the Bentonite Clay Powder was the magic ingredient that healed our sons leg. Since then, we have shared our story & had a close relative try using it with Apple Cider Vinegar on infected horse fly bites which she said had a tingling effect. This  mix worked well  with the same results.

Thanks to the internet & so many others who have shared their stories  before us, we were able to make a good educated decision that worked for our situation. We could not be happier at how it turned out & will always keep a little Bentonite Clay Powder in our medicine cabinet from this day forward.

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