AO Scan Vitals Frequency Reports

Frequency is not a new idea but is based on the well known fact that we are all vibrational beings. You know its true…call it karma, a sixth sense, whatever you like, but we know its happening when we enter a room and are drawn to that exact person(s) who think and feels the same way we do. Scientific studies shows that the body wants to heal but can get stuck in the wrong frequencies like wifi, microwaves, tv signals, etc. When the right frequency shows up, the body will try to match it causing an opportunity to correct itself. Think of it like music, when your hear a sad song, you feel sad, loud songs make you angry, aggressive songs make you want to break things, country songs make you want to drink. Just kidding on the last two…but you get the point.

To see what a report would look like, below is a sample report of a 60 year old woman who agreed to share her recent vitals scan results here. You can click on any image to get a feel for what you can expect when ordering the vitals scan. Scans are done remotely with the help of a trained technician who will explain the process and send you an email report once the scan is complete.

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