AO Scan Inner Voice Frequency Reports

The INNER-Voice Scan is a unique take on frequency technology. By taking a minute to think about what you love about your life and what you don’t like before submitting a short voice recording allows this scan technology to hear your heart speak. What actually happens is amazing. While your personalized report gives you some details about how you might be feeling internally, both positive & negative, in most cases, you will be somewhere in the middle. What is really special about this however is the way the program designs 4 audio clips that reflect back to you the frequencies that compliment and center your mood or lack thereof in a way that you can only hear to believe. Listening is so uplifting that it is often described as just glorious, close to angelic and quite honestly…we agree.

To see what a report would look like, below is a sample report of a 60 year old woman who agreed to share her recent inner voice scan results here. You can click on any image to get a feel for what you get when ordering the inner voice. Scans are done remotely with the help of a trained technician who will explain the process and send you an email report once the scan is complete.

Sample Audio Files

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Personalized Inner Voice Scan & Report = $25
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