AO Scan Comprehensive Frequency Reports

The comprehensive frequency report shows the results of your personal scan. There are two parts to this scan which checks the frequencies of 130 organs, bones and chromosomes and then sends optimizing frequencies to compliment your body. Each report section shares clues about your overall health with a scoring rating from 1-9. and awesome clickable 3-D images that can be seen from any angle for a closer look when you view your report from computer or smart phone.

To see what a report would look like, below is a sample report of a 60 year old woman who agreed to share her recent comprehensive scan results here. You can click on any image to get a feel for what you can expect when ordering the comprehensive scan. Scans are done remotely with the help of a trained technician who will explain the process and send you an email report once the scan is complete.

Get a Personalized Comprehensive Scan Here

Personalized Comprehensive Scan & Report = $95
Also Included in the 3 Scan Bundle Deal = Only $99