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The Easiest Way to Ripen Avocados

Trying to ripen Avocados after bringing them home from the Store can be Tricky. Here is the Easy Way to get a Perfect Avocado Every Time. When you visit the Grocery Store, forget all the tips you previously heard about buying the Perfect Avocado. Instead, Simply Make sure they are Firm & Buy them Green.

When You get Home, put them in a brown paper bag with an apple & fold over & clamp the top with a clothespin or secure with tape. The bag needs to stay closed so that the naturally occurring Ethylene Gas will not Escape. Leave the Bag on the counter for two days & Like Magic, the Avocados will not be Perfect! Once Ripened, Store the Avocados in the Fridge Until You are Ready to Thoroughly Enjoy! Tip: Use 1 Apple for each Avocado in the Bag to be Sure You are Completely Satisfied with the Results & of Course, eat the Apples too…(0:

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